Ariadna Alonso Segura

Recerca aplicada, acció social, transformació, innovació

A new model of social intervention.

Itinerary of Empowerment for Transformation.

 YouthME was concentrates on the empowerment process among young migrants at risk of social exclusion. It was a pilot  methodology (2011-2013) financed mainly by European Union and UNICEF Spain. This project has directly benefitted 203 social  work professionals, 340 young people and more than 300 social organizations (150 in Spain and 150 at a European level). The      project has been evaluated and right now is being implemented in several social organizations in Spain.


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What makes it different?

  innovative methodology for social organizations which combines focus on video-therapy, reflect-action and a participative video

  a  conscious process of individual and group transformation, where the people are the active protagonists in improving and promoting social inclusion

   caracterized by the realization of a diagnostic of the protection factors

   carrying out of empowerment workshops with training as cross-workers

  with a strong network of associations and community neighborhoods impact



Graduated in Arabic Philology and Social Anthropology , Master in "Action and Basic research in Anthropology" and Social Educator Accredited by College of Social Educators from Catalonia.

With over more than 15 years of experience with migrant groups in Spain . I've worked in social work with groups migration contexts during 8 years,devoloping reception and integration services, career guidance , companionship and monitoring as well as educational programming and funding associations.

Also an expert in applied research focus on childhood and young migrants and their families : unaccompanied migrant children, children of immigrant families , children who remain in their countries of origin, etc. . Research for over 10 years also focus on social contexts of vulnerability and with a high social and scientific impact and dissemination of its results. This research has always developed hand in hand with organizations serving this population and with the participation of public institutions such as UNICEF Spain, Spanish and Catalan government and the European Union .

I'm a founding member of the Association IFAM Group, focusing on triangular applied research , social action and social innovation, with more than 10 years of expertisment.


Some of my main publications, with UNICEF and Papers:

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